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If you have appreciated the classiness of stone exteriors and thought of what one might look like on your own home’s siding, you may have been dissuaded by the cost. Customized natural stone is indeed a pricey expenditure. Cast stone and Stone Veneer, however, is a great alternative that balances beauty and budget to give you the gorgeously textured stone you want at a price that maximizes value. The team at 3G Exteriors offers this option and many others to clients in Oakland County. There are several ways a cast stone exterior can benefit your home, including:

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• Achieve your dream home
• Increase resale value
• Create amazing curb appeal
• Enjoy natural durability
• Resist effects of harsh weather

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Architectural cast stone or stone veneer is one of the single most distinguishing features you can add to your home. Precast stone offers the same gorgeous exterior of natural stone without the wait time, hassle of customization and hefty price tag the latter comes with. Why is your home’s exterior so important, though? The obvious answer is the enjoyment of a beautiful home, but there are other important reasons, too. Stone is also an incredibly strong and durable material. Stone siding can outlast and withstand weather conditions better than many other types of siding.

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You deserve a home that looks and feels inviting. A cultured stone exterior creates the classy and sophisticated look homeowners long for, and cast stone offers it at an incredible value. The team at 3G Home Exteriors is the premier provider of precast commercial stone and commercial stone masonry, so when you need quality stone and even better quality contractors, you can count on us. We serve clients in both Macomb County and Oakland County, and you can reach us at 586-533-8343

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